The world can be changed by those who dare to dream



Introducing REVE Innovation Lab – powered by Synergy Global Housing to explore advantageous partnerships with clients, operators, and technology providers to reimagine the next generation of global lodging. 


Innovation will fuel the future of the global traveler experience

Technology and the global nomad have defined a new sense of home while exploring global destinations. As in times past, the customer is determining a new market. While presenting many challenges, it also provides a tremendous opportunity to move the hospitality industry forward.

REVE will be guided by a collective with robust industry acumen in hospitality, serviced accommodations, hotel operations, sales and marketing, client relationship management, and capital investment.



Fall in love with the problem... not the solution
-Ash Maurya


Structured as a division of Synergy, REVE will address the alternative accommodation sector’s toughest challenges by dreaming, developing, and delivering the next wave of innovation to better serve our guests, clients, and the lodging industry.

Our Innovation Lab will focus on three core objectives


Repositioning hotel assets

Reimaging commercial assets

Developing hospitality technologies


Reve is driven to meet the opportunities presented by:

  • A growing untethered workforce in the wake of Covid empowered by technology and demographic changes
  • Travelers are interested in experiential living, community connectivity, and “staycations”
  • Adoption of new accommodation models due to the likes of disruptive startups and others
  • Corporations and business travelers are seeking alternative accommodations at a rapid pace
  • Filling the void left by the pandemic as travelers migrated away from traditional hotels





“REVE’s mission is to partner with industry experts to research technology solutions, operating models and share best practices that will empower the alternative accommodations players to continue to outperform the overall lodging market.”
Jon Wohlfert



Innovation is the journey... never a destination

From the principals...


An Open Letter to the Lodging Industry

“We at Synergy believe this is one of the most exciting times in our industry. We believe it’s time to revolutionize the alternative accommodation space and solve for the tough stuff. We feel a need to collaborate with bright minds and take the “moonshot” to solve for what many say can’t be done.” 

– Henry Luebbert  
     LinkedIn story  | 06.09.21



    Customer centric. Experience focused.

    “Understanding where your clients are headed, their motivations, constraints, and objectives from a macro perspective, will better help you align your solutions to their needs. This will also help you become a more active partner in helping your client meet their KPIs and achieve their goals.”

    – Jack Jensky    
         LinkedIn story  | 06.15.21


      The Future of Lodging Will Take Many Shapes

      “Lodging options have evolved in step with traveler need from roadside motels to urban hotels to extended-stay hotels to boutique hotels. The most recent evolution is a blurring of the line between hotels and apartments – creating one of the fastest-growing segments in our industry.” 

      – Jon Wohlfurt  
           LinkedIn story  | 06.17.21


        It’s good to dream a little

        “If the last eighteen months taught us anything about the business world, it’s that not much is safe from change. Not that the hospitality industry was ever under any illusion that the Darwinism Theory had ever given the sector a wide berth… nope, we’ve been busy adapting, changing, and reshaping the simple concept of “heads in beds.”

        – Stephen Hanton    
             LinkedIn story  |  07.07.21



          REVE makes a major investment in leading software firm, Coded Inc., developers of custom technology solutions for global serviced accommodation, corporate housing and service apartment agents and operators.

          Read the full Press Release


          CodeOne’s all-in-one platform features:

          • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
          • Property and booking management
          • Price quoting
          • Accounting system integration
          • Data reporting
          • Document, file and task management
          • User security



          Coded’s proprietary software product CodeOne, designed exclusively for the serviced accommodations industry, aims to use technology to level the playing field amongst large and small service accommodation providers by delivering greater access, transparency, and more options to fulfill booking requests whether for managed inventory or supplier-provided properties.




          “...CodeOne will serve as a foundational platform to connect the serviced accommodation industry in a manner similar to the way GDS changed air travel in the 1960’s.”
          Henry Luebbert, Synergy Co-founder




          Frequently Asked Questions

          • What is REVE?

            REVE is Synergy’s Innovation Lab.

          • What is an innovation lab?

            In concept, an “Innovation Lab” is a separate yet associated business entity used to develop, test, and vet the viability of new ideas. Many of the largest corporations in the world have invested in the innovation lab model to foster a culture of continuous ideating and advancement of their products and services.

          • What benefits will REVE offer to clients?

            a. REVE will offer clients tailored, specific alternative accommodation product and service solutions that will enable Synergy to better serve their travel and mobility needs.
            b. Synergy’s new innovative products and services will be developed quicker and more efficiently. 

          • What benefit will REVE offer to suppliers?

            REVE will increase Synergy’s overall product and service portfolio driving further client penetration as well as client acquisition resulting in an increase in overall available business. 

          • Will REVE offer its own inventory?

            REVE will not act as an operating or holding company. The purpose of REVE is to innovate, not to hold or manage inventory or products.

          • Can anyone participate in REVE?

            a. From the product and service side: anyone will be able to take advantage of REVE products and services. That said, REVE is structured separately from Synergy to ensure it has the appropriate freedom to execute its objectives at speed and efficiency. 

            b. From the development side: REVE will build a diverse and balanced team, engaging industry leaders with a range of talent and acumen relevant to REVE’s innovation initiatives and business objectives. 

          • What is Synergy trying to achieve with REVE?

            Through REVE, Synergy is attempting to expedite and solidify the delivery of new product and service innovations to its clients and the alternative accommodation market.